Business & Industry

Peach County is an ideal place for business. Home to Blue Bird Corporation, the world's best known bus manufacturing company, it is the epicenter of the Peach industry in the Peach State. As one of Georgia’s Entrepreneur Friendly counties, Peach County is designated by the Georgia Department of Economic Development as a community offering best practices in business development. New employers have access to reliable low cost utilities, easy access to air and sea transportation, a skilled educated labor force, comprehensive job training and a prime location at the geographical center of Georgia.

Whether you are exploring a new site for manufacturing, distribution, headquarters or customer service, or looking to expand a business that’s already here, we are at your service and eager to please.  

  • Explore available sites
  • Data on available buildings
  • Local, county and state incentives
  • Infrastructure assistance
  • Demographic profiles
  • General contractors
  • Wage and salary surveys
  • Quick Start workforce training
  • Work Ready labor pools
  • Relocation assistance

They say in a small town, “everybody knows everybody.” That’s very true with business in Peach County. We work closely with our local chamber of commerce, county and state officials, business leaders and area colleges and universities. That makes it easier for your business to reach its goals, with maximum savings in time and costs. Some folks call this Southern hospitality. We just think it’s smart business to work together.