Disability License Plates and Placards

If you are a Georgia resident with a disability, you may qualify for a disabled placard or license plate that allows you to park in designated disabled spaces. Disability placards are also available to institutions for vehicles that regularly provide transportation to people with disabilities. A disabled person's license plate costs $20 plus any other fees and penalties which may apply, including ad valorem tax or title tax, if applicable.  

You may be eligible for one of the following permits depending upon the nature and duration of your disability:

  • Temporary disability placard.
  • Permanent disability placard or special permanent placard.
  • Disability license plate.
  • Disabled veteran license plate.

To obtain a disabled person's license plate or placard (which hangs from the rear-view mirror), you must submit one of the following:

  • MV9-D (Disabled Person's Parking Affidavit) which must be completed by a Georgia-licensed healthcare practitioner and be notarized, or
  • A signed and dated statement by a doctor on prescription paper may be submitted including the disabled person's named and whether the disability is permanent or temporary. The paper must include the doctor's printed name, address, phone number and the doctor's license number.

The licensed healthcare practitioner or doctor must designate whether the disability is temporary or permanent.

Bring the original completed MV9-D or the original doctor's statement with your Georgia driver's license (DL) or Georgia ID card with a current Peach County address to a Peach County Tag office. If the DL or ID does not have a Peach County address, proof of residency in Peach is required.

If the vehicle currently has a valid Georgia license plate and a disabled person's license plate is being requested, the Georgia license plate must be returned to the tag office. If it isn't, a disabled person's license plate cannot be issued.

Temporary placards are valid for six months from the issue date. To renew a temporary placard, a newly-completed MV9-D form must be submitted.

Permanent placards must be replaced every four years but a new MV9-D is not required. To renew a permanent placard, the person who was initially issued the placard must bring the current placard and Georgia DL or Georgia ID card to the Peach County Tag office. If the DL or ID does not have a Peach County address, proof of residency is required.

Traveling with a Disability Placard or Plate

If you are traveling to Georgia from another state, you DO NOT need a Georgia placard or license plate for handicapped parking if you have one from your home state. Georgia recognizes disabled parking permits from all other states, and all other states recognize Georgia handicap placards and plates.