District Attorney

District Attorney, Anita R. Howard, is an elected official and the chief prosecution officer of the Macon Judicial Circuit. Under the constitution and the laws of the State of Georgia, she and her assistant district attorneys are responsible for the prosecution of crimes committed in Bibb, Crawford, and Peach Counties.

The goal of the District Attorney's Office is to administer justice to crime victims and to those individuals charged with crimes. Primary focus is given to the cases for incarcerated persons and cases involving violent and serious felonies such as homicide, robbery, sex crimes, crimes against children, and violence against persons. Cases in the District Attorney's Office generally originate with an arrest by one of the law enforcement agencies operating in Bibb, Peach, and Crawford Counties. The District Attorney's Office not only prosecutes crimes, but also provides support and services to crime victims, as well, through our victim advocates.

Our Office frequently engages in outreach in the community and has several initiatives for youth that have been developed by DA Howard. Her R.I.S.E. (Restoring Inspiration by Success in Education) Initiative is intended to help stop the cycle of violence for youth, who are victims of adverse childhood experiences, by providing targeted services to address trauma. The annual summer Junior Justice League is geared for middle school age children which exposes them to positive interactions with the criminal justice system and provides activities that promote character building and educational skills for future leadership roles.