Fort Valley State University

 Founded more than 120 years ago, Fort Valley State University embraces a history that weaves together African American culture, a commitment to personal and intellectual growth, and a deep sense of community.

Fort Valley State University is home to thousands of students discovering the genius within themselves and exploring their extraordinary potential for leadership under the guidance of highly-accomplished faculty.  Since 1895, the FVSU family has shared a love of invention and innovation, and embraced a culture where discovery is celebrated. No matter where you start in life, we believe that education is the surest way to make a difference in the world and achieve your dreams.

Through an FVSU education, you can accomplish whatever you can envision.

FVSU is one of the most affordable colleges in the country, because our goal is to make sure anyone with talent and desire can use education as a stepping stone. At the same time, excellence is demanded across our campuses, from our faculty members who are respected researchers, instructors, and authors, to our students, who accept the challenges of leadership, scholarship, and professionalism. More than 60 clubs and organizations provide students with real-world opportunities to pursue their passions, and our professional network help launch students into careers through internships and career development.

FVSU is Georgia’s only 1890 land-grant institution, which means that our mission is to not only empower students to use education to pursue meaningful careers, but it is also to use our scholarship, research, and outreach to make lives better for the communities around us. Our overriding goal is to equip people from all backgrounds with the knowledge and skills to impact the world as leaders in meaningful fields, and to also spread knowledge and resources throughout the state to make the lives of ordinary people better today.

  • FVSU has been the nation’s top producer of African Americans in mathematics and related majors in 2 of the past 3 years.
  • FVSU is the most affordable online school in the nation for student economic mobility.
  • FVSU is the reigning NCAA Division II SIAC conference football champion.
  • FVSU’s four-year veterinary technology program is the only one in Georgia.
  • 100% of education major graduates passed the state certification exam, and 90% found teaching positions, were enrolled in graduate school, or became gainfully employed within one month of graduating.
  • FVSU is Georgia’s top producer of African Americans with bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and statistics.
  • FVSU is Georgia’s top producer of African Americans with bachelor’s degrees in agriculture, agriculture operations, and related sciences.
  • FVSU is Georgia’s #3 producer of African Americans with bachelor’s degrees in engineering technologies and engineering-related majors.
  • FVSU is Georgia’s #3 producer of African Americans with bachelor’s degrees in family and consumer sciences/human sciences.
  • FVSU’s online bachelor’s degree programs have been ranked in the top ten nationwide by various publications and ranking organizations.
  • FVSU is Georgia’s #5 producer of African Americans with bachelor’s degrees in computer and information sciences, and support services.
  • FVSU is Georgia’s #6 producer of African Americans with bachelor’s degrees in psychology.
  • FVSU is a top ten producer of African Americans with bachelor’s degrees in physical sciences in the state of Georgia.
  • FVSU is ranked #25 nationally in the production of African-American agriculturalists.
  • FVSU is the lead institution for an international research group dedicated to finding natural methods of controlling disease in animals.
  • FVSU is ranked #8 nationally on the list of “Best Value Historically Black Graduate Schools in the U.S., 2017-2018.”

The university's status as a land-grant university has led to remarkable innovations in agriculture and related fields. Its acclaimed biology and chemistry departments help Fort Valley State University send more students of African descent to medical school and dental school than any other state school in Georgia. And the university's comprehensive liberal arts curriculum continues to set new standards of excellence.

More than 70 student organizations and activities range from a thriving sorority and fraternity system to conference-leading athletic teams, from honor societies to student government. Fort Valley State University's stately campus is the ideal environment for one-on-one learning, but the university faculty and staff also encourage connections to the world around us, both near and far-through close ties with local communities, and study abroad programs that trace ancestral bonds halfway around the globe.

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