Performance Appraisal Forms

Employee Performance Evaluation Policy


Employee Performance Evaluations Overview:

The Human Resources Manager shall prepare a job-related system for evaluation the work performance of all covered employees. The purpose of the employee evaluation shall be primarily to inform employees how well they are performing their work and how they can improve their work performance. The performance evaluation may also be used in determining merit increases; as a factor in determining order to layoff; as a basis for training, promotion, demotion, transfer, or dismissal, and for other purposes as set forth in the Peach County Personnel Policy and Procedures. It is the joint responsibility of each employee and their supervisor to ensure performance evaluations are completed and submitted on time. Failure to complete and submit employee evaluations on time may result in limited retroactive pay.

Performance Reviews:

1)      Evaluation Dates: All regular employees shall be given a performance evaluation annually. Evaluations shall be performed each year according to the employee’s anniversary date of hire, designated by the Human Resources Manager as the “Evaluation Period.” Raters shall consider the employees’ job performances during the previous year. Employees may also be evaluated at the time of separation.


2)      EvaluationEvaluations shall be prepared by the immediate supervisor of each employee and reviewed by the department head or appointing authority. A pattern of substandard performance as reflected in the employee’s evaluation may be grounds for discipline, up to and including termination.


3)      Review with Employees: The evaluator shall discuss each performance evaluation with the employee being evaluated. If an employe disagrees with any statement in an evaluation, the employee may, within five (5) working days following the conference with the employee’s supervisor:

a)       Submit a written Statement which shall be attached to the evaluation form and forwarded to the Human Resources Manager for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file, or

b)      File a grievance pursuant to the Policy covering Grievances and Appeals.


4)      Changes in EvaluationIf a department head requests an alteration of the performance evaluation form of an employee after it has been officially submitted to the Human Resource Manager, such requests shall be in writing and shall set forth fully the reasons for the request.


5)      Performance Merit Increase: Is a lump sum amount received during the evaluation period, usually the budget/calendar year.

a)       The Performance Merit increase is for rewarding:

(1)    Outstanding achievement and results during the evaluation period.

(2)    Behavior that measurably exceeds the job expectations and standards established for the position.

b)      Performance Merit Increases must recognize extraordinary or superior achievements and are not intended for meeting minimal job requirements.

c)       Performance Merit Increase payments are one-time payments and are not factored into the employee’s on-going base pay.

d)      Merit Increase funds cannot be used for wage increases.


6)      Performance Merit Increase funding

a)       Performance Merit Increases are set annually by the County Board as part of the budget process.

b)      Department supervisors shall make performance merit increase recommendations to the Department Head based on the individual employee evaluation process.

c)       The County Administrator and Human Resources Manager must approve the recommendations within the allocated funds for performance merit increases.


Performance Appraisal - Fillable - Administrators/Supervisors

Performance Appraisal - Fillable - Non-Supervisory