Report Public Works Issues

Peach County residents have a way to report potholes and other nuisances by snapping a quick photo with their cellphones.

The county’s iWorQ software Talk to My City app allows residents to report any issues they see via an app on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Residents can make requests for dog pick up, street sweeping and tree trimmings, as well as report potholes, water main breaks, possible sewer blockage and heaved sidewalks. Code enforcement issues such as neighbors with tall grass or mattresses in their yards could also be reported.

In addition to making it easier to report issues, the app reduces time employees spend on the phone and could lead to more productivity. Through iWorQ, those who make reports will be able to follow the repair process every step of the way. County employees will update the work order to show when something is scheduled, when someone is working on it and when it is done. An email will also be sent to the user when the project is completed.

If there is something that should be added to the list of available complaints on the app, the public works department.

To sign up

1. Download the iWorQ Service Request app on your phone or click the link below to sign up.
2. Enter the county code: 31030
3. Create your account using Google, Facebook or your email address.