Special Tags

Visit the Georgia Department of Revenue's website to view the list of available tags, associated fees, and information on any required qualifying documentation.  .

Most special tags require the following:

  • A manufacturing fee to be paid for the initial issuance.
  • An annual special tag fee in addition to the tag renewal fee due at the vehicle owner’s registration period.
  • Any applicable ad valorem or title tax due.

The registered owner’s valid Georgia driver’s license or Georgia ID card is required to request a special tag.

If you wish to request a special tag and it is time to renew your registration:

  • Online: You will see a list of special tags that you can apply for while completing your online renewal. Select the tag you want then follow the prompts. Any additional fees involved are calculated in the total for the renewal. At the end of the transaction, there will be confirmation information to keep until you receive the tag in the mail (mailed to the registered owner’s address).
  • By Mail: Write in the name of the special tag and add any additional fees involved in the spaces provided on the payment portion of the renewal notice. Submit the completed payment stub with any required documentation for the special tag to be issued to Peach County Tax Commissioner, PO Box 931, Fort Valley, Ga. 31030. (Please read all applicable instructions on the renewal notice.) Once the payment is received and processed, the special tag is mailed to the registered owner’s address. 
  • In Person: When you visit the Peach County tag office, inform the associate which special tag you would like prior to renewing your vehicle registration. You will need to provide any required documentation for the special tag to be issued. All additional fees involved are calculated into the renewal total.

If you wish to request a special tag and it is not time to renew your registration, you can exchange the tag currently registered in person. 

  • Bring the tag that is currently registered to the vehicle along with any required documentation for the issuance of the special tag. Additional fees involved to issue the special tag are charged at the time the tag exchange is processed.  
  • Online, By Mail or By Telephone:  Tag exchanges cannot be processed online, by mail or over the telephone.

If you would like to choose your own letter and/or number combination (prestige tag), complete a Personal Prestige License Plate Application. To verify that the combination you are applying for is available, visit one of our offices or call us. Click here to learn more about prestige tags.

As an agent of the state, the Tax Commissioner is required by Georgia law to collect these fees if taxpayers choose to purchase special tags. The Tax Commissioner does not determine the fee amounts for special tags or prestige plates.

Note:  Once all required fees are paid you will receive a 90-day temporary operating permit which must be displayed visibly in the back window of the vehicle the special tag is registered to.  Once the special tag has been manufactured, it is mailed to the registered owner’s address.